Horizon Networks, Inc., is a small corporation with a big vision for transforming existing products, services, and markets in light of the expanded horizons that Internet technologies provide.

The world has already seen transformations.  Internet telephones, social media, and the e-book market are three prime examples of how old world models have been shaken to their core and entirely new models have arisen from the ashes.  And yet, there are some hold outs.  There are still ways of doing things that remain entrenched in past attitudes and approaches.  As frustrating as this may be sometimes, such things represent opportunities, because it means there is still a chance to get in at the ‘ground floor’ of change.

HN’s opening salvo is seen in its project, Bard and Book Publishing.  Just as consumers have gotten used to the idea of not owning tangible copies of movies, and are content to stream them on a view by view basis or have digital versions, consumers are being acclimated towards not owning tangible copies of books.  The e-book revolution has really been just that, a revolution.  But what would happen if the e-book revolution married the social media revolution?  What if instead of having authors distant from their readers, they were close, intimately close?  What if readers were invested in the authors, and the authors were invested in a readership community?  What if readers could have as many books or short stories as they could handle reading at no cost to them except the monthly membership fee, much like some of the video streaming services that are available?  And what if the authors themselves received the bulk of the proceeds of those fees, instead of the publisher?

Horizon Network’s Bard and Book Publishing aims to find out.

Would you like to be one of the authors in the Bard and Book family?

Would you like to start your own author/reader community?

Horizon Network stands ready to assist you in doing just that.  Please use the form on this page to begin the process.